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The Union.
From Southgate, MI



The 2020 WGI Flint IA Silver Medalists joins forces with the 2022 WGI World Championships Semi-Finalists!







The Union Winter Guard takes the floor, with the intention of unifying LSM’s winter guard program and the Southgate Anderson Winter Guard for the 2023 season!  Due to temporary circumstances created by the pandemic, the Southgate Anderson Winter Guard will not be able to take the floor in its traditional form in the Scholastic A Class.  This special partnership between LSM Performing Arts and Southgate Community Schools was designed so experienced members of the Southgate Winter Guard Program can still have a World Championships experience in 2023.  


The Union Winter Guard’s design and educational staff exclusively consists of both staff members and alumni from the Southgate Winter Guard Programs.  


LSM is so thankful for the generous considerations by the Southgate Community School District over the better part of the last decade, and we strive to give back to the City of Southgate in a way that will leave a lasting impact on members of the Southgate Anderson Winter Guard for years to come.  

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