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LSM Performing Arts Hall of Fame

The LSM Performing Arts Hall of Fame was introduced in 2022 with the intent of providing a way to publicly recognize members of the LSM family for going above and beyond with their service to the organization.  

David W Clark.png

Dave Clark

Class of 2022

Dave Clark founded LSM in 1996 with the goal of creating a youth organization that provided members with experience in the percussive arts through exhibition and competitive performances.  Dave firmly believed that these activities stress leadership, development of a strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence.  These values shine through today in LSM’s performing membership.  

Carl Philpott

Class of 2022

“Grandpa Carl” has served as an LSM volunteer for a number of years.  Carl’s work with managing uniform lights was instrumental in the success of LSM Winds in 2022, and was a major assist when it came to capturing our organization’s first World Championship.  Carl is known for treating all LSM members as if they were his own grandchildren, always willing to lend a hand, and making sure everyone is having the best day.  


Devin Scicluna

Class of 2022

Devin Scicluna joined LSM Winds’ staff in 2017 as a brass instructor and has since moved into the role of Music Coordinator.  LSM Winds has medaled at World Championships every season under Devin’s instruction, including two World Championships in 2022 and 2023.  Devin also served two years on LSM’s Board of Directors and played an integral role in creating a bridge between the winds program and the board.  Devin’s service to LSM is next-to-none.  Devin was also voted as having the "Best Hair in WGI" by a panel of his closest peers.  

Zack & Melinda Novicki

Class of 2022

Zack joined LSM in 2009 as a member of the LakeShoremen Drum & Bugle Corps.  He stayed actively involved as a performer for several years, even though the competitive drum corps was on what ended up being a permanent hiatus. Zack became the Executive Director/CEO of LSM in the middle of the 2015 WGI Winds Season.  


Melinda first joined LSM Winds in 2014 as a performing member.  She performed through the 2018 season and juggled performance responsibilities and instructional responsibilities.  Melinda eventually became the Director of Operations/COO for LSM, where she assists in the administrative side of LSM’s operations.  


Together, Zack and Melinda have helped launch several programs within LSM, and led LSM Winds to World Championship finals in every year of the program’s existence.  Under their direction, LSM Winds won back-to-back World Championships in 2022 and 2023.  LSM is the first (and only) WGI Winds program to win two consecutive World Championship in two different classes.  


Chuck Semarjian

Class of 2023

Chuck joined LSM as a performing member in 2013 as the organization was rebuilding from the competitive drum corps folding.  Chuck would participate regularly in community performances and parades before finally performing and instructing during the 2015 SoundSport program.  

In 2016, Chuck began participating with LSM Winds.  Throughout his time with the program, he has played drum set, ran electronics, and even picked up trumpet for LSM's back-to-back World Championship seasons in 2022 and 2023.  

Chuck has served on the LSM Performing Arts Board of Directors since 2019 as the organization's Historian.  Chuck's unwavering dedication during even the toughest of times has helped shape LSM from a defunct parade corps to a World Class organization.  

Nick Pourcho

Class of 2023

Nick Pourcho signed on to work with LSM in 2017, as the program was growing with WGI's Winds division.  

Nick has been known for developing musical programs that are not only competitively successful, but that also suit the needs of LSM's performing members.  LSM Winds has medaled at World Championships every year with Nick's music and sound design in A and Open class.  Nick's writing also improves each year along with LSM, and helped achieve back-to-back World Championships in 2022 and 2023.  

Writing for LSM has been a huge priority for Nick, with deadlines consistently being met and rewrites to set performers up to be more successful are always seemingly completed in the blink of an eye.  

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